TWSBI Classic Piston Knob Replacement

The TWSBI Classic has recently come out with a revised piston knob which now makes the pen postable. TWSBI is offering these replacement knobs available for a small fee. In this video I show you how easy it is to replace the old piston knob with the new one. All you need is the new knob and the wrench included with your pen. You can also use this technique to remove the piston and clean your pen. Continue reading

The Montblanc LeGrand 90th Anniversary Writing Instruments

2014 Marks the 90th Anniversary of the Meisterstuck, and Montblanc created a special pen to commemorate the occasion featuring red gold trim and a fantastic new nib. Here we talk about the Montblanc LeGrand 90th Anniversary set of writing instruments. Continue reading

Sailor Pro Gear Sky!

Today I want to talk about the brand new Sailor Professional Gear Sky series of fountain pens. These were recently released with much anticipation, not only in the pen community, but here in the Anderson household as well. Continue reading

My Favorite Pens – The Delta Dolcevita Oro Piston Filler

Today I discuss another pen in our new series of our favorite pens, the Delta Dolcevita Oro Piston Filler. Continue reading

Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 121 – LIVE 8pm Central Tonight!

With Special Guest Hugh Scher! Continue reading

Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 120

We talk about Demonstrators! Continue reading

My Favorite Pens – The Omas Revelations Limited Edition

Today we start a new series entitled “My Favorite Pens”. These are pens that Lisa or I really like and that are on our “favorites” list. These may be pens that are constantly inked, pens hold some sentimental value to us, or are just a combination of beautiful and good writers. My choice for today’s first episode is the Omas Revelations Limited Edition. Continue reading