Brian’s Birthday Sale! Now through Sunday!

To celebrate Brian’s birthday on Sunday for the rest of the weekend, let’s have a bit of a sale!

All orders over $100 will receive four random 3 ml ink samples (guaranteed two sailor)
Any in-stock Stipula pen over $75 will receive a FREE bottle of Stipula ink (just let us know which color you would like, subject to stock on hand)
Taccia pens reduced!
Any Taccia or Delta Markiaro Pen purchase receives a free Rhodia notebook (no coupon code, we’ll just throw it in there).
Many vintage Esterbrook pens reduced!

Oh, and make sure to leave Brian a note in the comments!

Lisa (& Brian)

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  • Robert&Susan

    Birthday time? Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson. With a Delta Dolce Vita Oro already in your collection I can’t think of much else pen-wise for which one could ask. Unless maybe for just one more pen. You know, just one more. Like I tell myself after each purchase. Happy Birthday, Brian. –Robert Duron

  • Maja

    Happy birthday, Brian! Wishing you all the best on your special day. Have a good one 🙂

  • Greg Siragusa

    Happy Birthday Brian! I missed the first part of the podcast, what pen did you get for the big day?

    • Brian Anderson

      I got a black ribbed Sailor 1911L with a music nib. Very cool pen!

  • Enchanted

    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

  • Enchanted

    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday Brian!