Anderson Pens Announces New Ink Line!

Anderson Pens announces a new line of ink this week with the Coffee series! Not only
does this ink perform very well and is extremely safe for your pens, It is also
flavored! Get your choice of Straight Up Black (Brian’s favorite), Cream and Sweet-n-Low
(Lisa’s preference and an ivory color), or Low Fat Skim Caramal Latte (good for late
evenings). We anticipate our initial batch of these inks will sell fast, so get a few
and stock up! Also good to keep in your car or in your lunch bag for work! Never be
caught without ink or coffee again! 3 ounce bottle, or convenient 1/2 gallon jugs also
available!  Get your new Coffee ink here!



Brian & Lisa

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  • snedwos

    Don’t make April Fools jokes about things that would actually be awesome ideas. It just makes me sad.

    • Brian Anderson

      I know, right? 🙂