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What’s Up for the Weekend?!

Good Morning Fellow Pen Collectors! Happy Friday!!  Despite a couple of inches of super fluffy snow that covered us last night, it’s not tooo cold out, and it’s sunny at least.

Ink Review: The Royal Treatment – Or a Review of Several Purple Inks

In Medieval and Renaissance times, the color purple was reserved almost exclusively for royalty. Brian calls me the Queen, which is perhaps why I like the color purple so much.

Ink Review: We’re Having a Heat Wave!

I know that we are not the only people suffering because of the weather. I have many friends on the East Coast who have only JUST gotten their power back on after the horrible storms, and we in the Mid-West, … Continue reading

Ink Review: Pelikan Edelstein

We recently began carrying Pelikan Edelstein inks.  I first saw these at one of the pen shows and fell in love with the bottle.  Truth be told, I’m a sucker for a cool ink bottle design.