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Pen Review: The TWSBI Mini

Well, at long last we have been graced with the arrival of the newest birth in the TWSBI family, the Mini.  One of the (almost only) two complaints of the larger sibling TWSBI 540 piston filler is that it a) … Continue reading

Pen Review: The TWSBI Micarta

When the TWSBI Micarta was announced earlier this year I was interested. This was  a new and different pen, unlike most others on the market.  I like transparent pens, and while they are all the rage lately, I do like … Continue reading

Pen Review: The Edison Herald

I have to admit, despite having carried Edison pens for several months, I had never inked one of them or owned one, not even one of the production series.  I had tried them before, but what does a 30 second … Continue reading

Pen Review: Conklin Endura

While I’m primarily a vintage guy, I don’t have many Conklin pens in my collection  Well, in fact, I think I only have one. The crescent filling pens always seem to be more expensive then I want to pay at any … Continue reading

Pen Review: The Sheaffer 100

Several months ago when we first became Sheaffer dealers we were forced with a very difficult decision to make.  With a limited budget we had to choose which model lines to carry, and since we would be buying within each … Continue reading

Pen Review: Lamy AL-Star

Following up on our last pen review for the Kaweco AL Sport, this week we examine the Aluminum offering from Lamy, another German pen manufacturer, the LAMY AL-Star.  Lisa and I have been looking at Lamy for months now and … Continue reading

Pen Review: The Kaweco AL Sport

I saw this pen a few months ago and was intrigued.  To be honest, I saw it in another retailer’s catalog.  I have heard of Kaweco in the vintage sense, and am aware of their high quality pens.  Had I … Continue reading