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Pilot Stargazer Fountain Pens

Let’s take a look at the Pilot Stargazer fountain pens, also known as the Stella 90S on the Japanese market.

The Monteverde Prima

The Monteverde Prima is a nicely sized pen in the Monteverde lineup that will be a good fit for many users. A combination of decent size, post-ability, and nice writer make it an excellent choice.

The Montblanc Daniel Defoe 2014 Writers Edition

The Montblanc Daniel Defoe is the 2014 Writers Edition pen of the year. Available in Fountain, Rollerball, or Ballpoint pen and in Fine or Medium nib sizes.

The Montblanc LeGrand 90th Anniversary Writing Instruments

2014 Marks the 90th Anniversary of the Meisterstuck, and Montblanc created a special pen to commemorate the occasion featuring red gold trim and a fantastic new nib. Here we talk about the Montblanc LeGrand 90th Anniversary set of writing instruments.

The Faber-Castell Grip 2011

The Faber-Castell Grip 2011 series of Mechanical Pencils and Ballpoints brings about a nice selection of inexpensive, fun colored writing instruments for school.

Pen Review: The Pilot Prera

The Pilot Prera is yet another entrant in the under $75 (street price $56) demonstrator pen class. Unlike other demonstrator pens, these are offered in clear only, and the colored portion of the pen is restricted to the top of … Continue reading

The Monteverde Artista Crystal Pen Review

I think this should be called the year of the demonstrator pen.  Everybody has one.  I mean everyone.  So it came of little surprise to me when I saw the announcement that Monteverde was going to bring their own offering … Continue reading