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Bench Time Episode 2

More time at the bench on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Bench Time Episode 1

Join me for the first episode of Bench Time, probably where I spend most of my time cleaning my bench off in preparation for some repairs!

What’s Up for the Weekend?!

Good Morning Fellow Pen Collectors! Happy Friday!!  Despite a couple of inches of super fluffy snow that covered us last night, it’s not tooo cold out, and it’s sunny at least.

Zen and the Art of Pen Polishing: Micro-Mesh

For years, I was a staunch anti-polisher.  I never polished pens.  With anything.  No simichrome, no flitz, no polish of any kind.  I figured the pen had lived its life for 50 to near 100 years as is and a … Continue reading

Pen Repair: The Moore Safety Pen

Last November I got my first taste of one of the coolest filling systems ever, the safety pen.  Many are familiar with this filling system in its most common form, the Waterman safety, whereby you turn a knob at the … Continue reading

From the Workbench: Crystallization in Esterbrook Plastic

I had a three ribbed jewel transitional Esterbrook come in this week for a new sac.  This was your regular resac, flush and clean type of repair.  That is until I took the cap off and saw this: Now thankfully I had … Continue reading

Tool Time: The Parker Vacumatic Fitting Block

Let me just start off by saying I love tools.  Really.  One of our family mottos is “Use the right tool for the job”.  This came about after a rigorous twelve month renovation of our house, where we saw literally … Continue reading