Early Napoleonic Paper Found – Determined To Not Be FP Friendly

In breaking news this past weekend, a cache of paper believed to be owned by Napolean was discovered in a safe deposit box of an elderly collector. This French collector recently passed away and his heirs (both wishing to remain anonymous) came into the stash of paper. After inking up their Aurora Optima and Omas Paragon pens they came to the conclusion it was not fountain pen friendly. “My BB Paragon nib feathered like a stuck pig” said one heir, whereas the other sibling,  indicated, “My 1.1 stub just looked awful. It was horrible to write on. I don’t know what they were thinking when they made this paper, and this ‘NB’ on the top of the paper just gets in the way of writing. It is very difficult to write over.” The siblings were last seen using the paper to wrap fish at the market, indicating it seemed to be well suited for that purpose.

To see the original BBC new article, click here!

Brian & Lisa

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