Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 139

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Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 138

We talk about the recent Philadelphia Pen Show! Continue reading

Ink Volume Cost Per Gallon

Even with the cost of gas dropping recently, it is still higher than it was several years ago.  However, if you calculate out the cost per gallon of the ink you use, you’ll feel a little bit better about what you’re putting in your car.  :)  Sorted by most expensive ink per gallon and calculated by current street price here on Continue reading

Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 137

The pre-Philadelphia Pen Show Edition! Continue reading

Using a Gratitude Journal

I started a Gratitude Journal as an exercise with my son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. On his “bad” days, it helps to have some positive memories to look back on, and to remind him that today will pass, and that tomorrow has great possibilities. I don’t think that he has kept up with this activity, certainly not as regularly as he should, but I have kept up the habit, and I do enjoy it! A Gratitude Journal is simply a daily or weekly list of things for which you are grateful. Your list can be people, places, events, activities, or anything that makes you happy or brings back a good memory. Continue reading

Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 136

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See a Virtual View of Our Store!

We recently had the opportunity to work with a Google Trusted Photographer to do a Interactive Google Business View of our store. While the tour does not include all areas of our operation, the retail space is covered quite well.  Come on inside and take a look!

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