Update on Montblanc Golden Yellow

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Montblanc Golden Yellow ink, both the bottled and the cartridge version.  We have had customers email inquiring about particles or “floaters” in their ink.  We had asked our Montblanc sales rep and he could not verify any known issue with the ink, or performance thereof.  We had been alerted to a few threads on various pen boards which indicated communication from Montblanc potentially acknowledging an issue as of this past week. Up until 7:00 pm Monday, May 23rd, we had never had official confirmation that Montblanc had acknowledged an issue. Continue reading

Anderson Pens Announces Our New Ink Comparison Tool!!!

A little while back, we announced the release of our newly reformatted ink swab cards. We worked for several months to completely redesign our swab cards, from changing the layout, font, size of the actual swab, and the orientation. We have been using these online, in the store, and at shows, to great reviews. One of the reasons we made this change, was in preparation for our big announcement.

Our new Ink Comparison Tool!!! Continue reading

Bookbinder Fountain Pen Ink – New!

Bookbinder Fountain Pen Ink, from Bookbinders in Australia, is now available here at Anderson Pens! Continue reading

Congratulations Graduates!

It’s that time of year, and students are crossing the stage to proudly receive their diplomas. Whether you, or your loved one, is graduating from high school, receiving your Bachelor’s Degree, finishing Graduate School, PhD or beyond – Congratulations! Well done!! In honor of this triumph, we have put together a few pens and related items to help celebrate this special occasion!

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations Graduates!

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Conklin Crescent Ambrosia Fountain Pen

We have the beautiful Conklin Crescent Ambrosia fountain pen in stock! Take a look at this lovely pen! Continue reading

Life Stationery In Stock Now!

Life Stationery is in stock now! Read on for all the papery goodness! Continue reading

Sailor 1911L Black Luster

Let’s take a look at the Sailor 1911L Black Luster fountain pen! Continue reading