TWSBI 580AL Blue Discontinued!

TWSBI today has officially announced they are discontinuing the 580AL Blue! Continue reading

New Retro 51 Twinkle Popper Coming!

Today we announce the latest Limited Edition pen, the Retro 51 Twinkle Popper! Continue reading

Our 2nd Anniversary!

This week marks the second anniversary of our brick and mortar store in Downtown Appleton Wisconsin! To honor the occasion I thought we’d show a few pictures of how the store has changed since we opened.  Let’s talk a walk through time, shall we? Continue reading

Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 173

We talk about The recent Columbus, Ohio Pen Show! Continue reading

Platinum 3776 Maki-e Fountain Pens

We have eight new Platinum 3776 Maki-e fountain pens! The 3776 model is not as large as the Platinum Izumo, but are no less beautiful. Continue reading

Monteverde Erasable Parker Style Refills

We’re very excited to tell you we have the new Monteverde Erasable Parker Style Refills coming in! As they are Parker-style refills, they will fit a variety of pens from different brands, including our very own Retro51 Terabyte TornadoContinue reading

Platinum 3776 Century Yamanaka and Nice

Calling all you clear pen lovers! The Platinum 3776 Century Yamanaka and Nice fountain pens are just right: great nibs, good-looking, and they have Platinum’s slip and seal mechanism in the cap. Continue reading