Sailor Ink – In with the New, Out with the Old

The internet has been a buzz over the past couple of months about new Sailor “seasonal” inks coming to the US (as we mentioned in our previous blog post here back in April).  Well those eight new inks arrived last week, but with those coming in, Sailor announced today in an official memo from Itoya, the US distributor, they are discontinuing the following six Sailor ink colors:

Sky High
Ultra Marine

We know there were plenty of rumors spreading out about these being discontinued, but we don’t like to say anything until we have an official notification. Black, Blue, and Blue Black as well as Kiwa-Guro and Sei-Boku will continue to be offered alongside the Color of Four Seasons inks just released.

While this does make us sad, as Epinard and Grenade are two of our favorite colors, we are getting plenty in this week for those who wish to stock up. Also, several of the new colors are very similar to some of the discontinued colors, so hopefully, there will be a suitable replacement for your favorite color once these are no longer available. We will continue to stock these for as long as they are available to us.

For those interested in Sky High, Try the new Souten
For those interested in Ultra Marine, try Nioi-Sumire
For those interested in Grenade, try Oku-Yama
For those interested in Epinard, try Tokiwa-Matsu

There is no suitable replacement for Peche or Apricot at this time.

Keeping in mind the new prices for the Seasons inks are almost 50% higher, the outgoing inks are a bargain by comparison.  If you don’t see them in stock, make sure to check the back in stock notification for them as we are getting new ink every week.

Now, I need to get back to make sure Lisa isn’t hoarding the Apricot.